Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Welcome to the Suryani Institute for Mental Health.

"This non-profitable institute was established in 2005 and alongside its sister organizations, the Committee Against Sexual Abuse (CASA) and the Bali Elderly Welfare Foundation (Yayasan Wreda Sejahtera), is dedicated to creating a healthy and happy community on the Island of Bali. Through our academic, medical/psychiatric, educational, and social work, we strive to help the Balinese people become more intelligent, independent, creative, as well as physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually healthy.

Our approach follows a holistic model, we call biopsycho-spirit-sociocultural, which combines Western psychiatric/psychological mainstream paradigms (e.g. positive psychology) with Eastern and Balinese specific cultural and spiritual knowledge and beliefs. This approach recognizes the importance and interconnectedness of every person's mind (psychology), body (biology) and spirit that are influenced by and in return affect, positively or negatively, one's sociocultural environment and religious/spiritual beliefs."

My team and I (meet us here) invite you to explore our work, our mission, and our vision through this webpage


Professor Luh Ketut Suryani, MD, PhD


Recent News Headlines

A miracle from a violation of human rights

A 48 years old woman from Gianyar, has function normally in community. She makes offering and sell them in a market near by her house. She was chained by her family for 6 years at her own yard. With a continuing help from the institute, today she can contribute to her family and being the model for a successful integrated community mental health. A condition where no one ever think and have hope for it. Together we can break the stigma with dignity.

“All over the world, people with mental illness are subject to poor-quality...

Mental development in childhood

The 2nd episode at National Public Radio with topic: mental development in childhood. Suicide cases become an indicator of mental development disturbance in society. Elderly and young children has chosen an instant solution relates to instant education system without understanding of mental development stages in children. Every child perceive and react differently with a same stimulus.

“Let the children grow freely as the parents need to understand their normal development. It does not take an expert to observe the many...

Support and appreciation from Denmark government

Support and appreciation from Denmark government through Search for Common Ground, for the noble work of Suryani Institute on helping giving freedom for people with mental illness whom were in chained. The rights of human that still abandon by government and society which creates greater stigma on mental health.

“I always ask my self, why my government and my policy makers can not see the reality in paradise, and why the support has to come from outside not from our own people. I feel my government just keep my people poor...

Support from Kopzorg op Bali for mentally ill people

120 Medicine boxes from USA sent to Zwolle, The Netherlands, ready to fly to Bali. Another support from Kopzorg op Bali for mentally ill people with no access to health facility in the island of glamour tourism. Noble support for a noble work.

“Many hospitals in Holland have developed community outreach teams to provide specialist mental health services in local settings, and to train primary health workers and community agencies, unfortunately not in Indonesia nor Bali”, said Marjan van der Kuil as she started to campaign the inhumane mental...

Meditation Class of 2017

A new meditation class of 2017. Meditation is simply a way to guide you to concentrate on one attention so you can face the struggle of life more easily. A mind body spirit approach was implemented to achieve happiness life. The class open every Sunday morning from 9-11 am at Belimbing Street No 11, Denpasar.

Dissemination and understanding of relaxation meditation applied in everyday life received a good response not only from communities in Bali, but also from those outside of Bali and abroad. Some asked if they could use the...