The institute welcomes national and international donations of the following types (for more information on the targets of your donations please read our activities and programs section):

We are in a constant need for psychiatric medication. Daily are are providing free treatment to hundreds of individuals, most suffering from psychotic spectrum and mood disorders. In the absense of a direct, consistant, and reliable governmental support, we almost exclusively rely on donations for our therapeutic inteventions. If you are able to provide us with medicine for the above disorders, please contact our Director of International Relationships (Dr. Niko Tiliopoulos) at niko dot tiliopoulos at sydney dot edu dot au

NB. Before contacting us, please ensure that the medicine you intend to donate comply with your country’s export laws and regulations on psychiatric drugs.

No one of the institute’s directors and members receives any financial payment or support for their activities and duties. Furthermore, all the institute’s programs and activites (as highlighted in this section) are provided totally free of charge to the public. However, we still need money to pay our secretaries and field workers, and most importantly to buy medicine, run workshops and community-based interventions, maintain and support our Crisis Centers, and acquire additional treatment or research material as needed.

Donation of any amount will be highly appreciated
Financial donations can be sent via:
Suryani Institute for Mental Health Foundation
Bank Mandiri
Branch Sanur – Bali
AC# 1450010622971 (IDR)
Swift Code : BMRIIDJA

Moneygram to Dr Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana

How to donate using Credit Card please follow/click this link.


Please advise us via email of your transfer info at suryani-institute dot com so that we may verify and acknowledge receipt of your donation. Please include the following information with your donation:

Name or Company (if applicable)
Telephone number
Email address
Sending Bank
Date of Transfer
Amount of Transfer
Account funds were sent to (US Dollar or Indonesian Rupiah)

Thank you ever so much for contributing to our efforts.


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