Support and appreciation from Denmark government

Support and appreciation from Denmark government through Search for Common Ground, for the noble work of Suryani Institute on helping giving freedom for people with mental illness whom were in chained. The rights of human that still abandon by government and society which creates greater stigma on mental health.

“I always ask my self, why my government and my policy makers can not see the reality in paradise, and why the support has to come from outside not from our own people. I feel my government just keep my people poor and mentally insane, it seems that they proud with it”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani after receiving the support and appreciation in Ubud, Bali. Promoting the value of mental health can be a positive and pro-active way to promote acceptance of mental illness care services, raising the community’s awareness and understanding of mental health issues. As the institute trying to do through Rudi Waisnawa photobook “Pasung”, which get well accepted in local, national and international community as a breakthrough to fight against stigma on mental health.


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