Balinese Hindus have introduced hapiness life (rahayu) with the conduct of religious ceremonies as a way of maintaining balance and harmony between microcosmos with macrocosmos and the Supreme God. While medical science is oriented using the Western concept which is more oriented to the physical, mental and social views without regard to the existence of spirit as a source of life, source  of capability, and a source of inspiration. Luh Ketut Suryani introduce biopsychospirit-sociocultural approach as a combination of Balinese concepts with medical science that can be accepted by the people of Bali.

To maintain the Balinese culture based on Balinese Hindu, then in fostering healthy communities in a holistic manner have to start from individuals and then their families. If as individuals and families as a team to feel  a happiness life, then creating a Balinese happy society would be achieved. Balinese people still doing therir faith, but also able to understand the concept of mental health science. Fot thus the people of Bali are expected to be able to select the external influence to be utilized in improving the standard of living.

After able to influence the people of Bali to maintain her identity by still following the progress of the globalization so that many people from outside will learn from what is applied in Bali. Bali became the center of world attention in maintaining the culture of many ethnic groups by maintaining a spiritual environment that supports it go. Balinese people  with their uniqueness and with their magic will become the central  of  the spiritual world. Balinese society could unite Eastern and Western concepts together in everyday life without losing their identity.

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