Meditation Class of 2017

A new meditation class of 2017. Meditation is simply a way to guide you to concentrate on one attention so you can face the struggle of life more easily. A mind body spirit approach was implemented to achieve happiness life. The class open every Sunday morning from 9-11 am at Belimbing Street No 11, Denpasar.

Dissemination and understanding of relaxation meditation applied in everyday life received a good response not only from communities in Bali, but also from those outside of Bali and abroad. Some asked if they could use the relaxation meditation method either in their workshop or training in related fields in which they engage. Professor Luh Ketut Suryani often said, “Please, anyone can use my method after they understand it. The important thing is to declare the original sources of the method. Not to idolize someone, but to make us proud as a nation of Indonesia”. The bio-psycho-spiritual–socio-cultural approach meaning each individual consists of physical, mental, and spirit that in physical growth and mental development are affected by their socio-cultural surroundings, she add during her teaching.

Meditation 2017

Meditation 2017 2