Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Suryani Institute for Mental Health

After running the crisis center called Layanan Hidup Bahagia in Singaraja for almost 3 years, finally the center got a support from Yayasan Gotong Royong Belanda. The center had identified almost 300 people diagnosed with schizophrenia and 15 of them were in restrained in 4 kecamatan out of 9 kecamatan. The center projected that there are 7000 people all over Bali were mentally ill left untreated. The Buleleng government itself think that mental health is not their main priority and for this the support is never reach for this project. The center had treated almost half of the patient that they identified with almost all of them can back to their normal social functioning.
Yayasan Gotong Royong Belanda through Made Cornelis Blok, agreed to help with the project with 3(tiga) juta per month during one year (1), that is for the 15 patients who receive the combination-medication with incl. the injection; so the total amount for 2009 will be Rp 36.000.000; “We feel so happy that finally there are attention from others about the mental health condition in Singaraja”, said Gus Alit as the project coordinator in Singaraja last week (22/2).

Meeting in Seririt for prevention program through elementary school

Outreach program to find and give intervention for the patient

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