New Jersey Psychiatrist bring medicine to Paradise

The first line psychiatric treatment for schizophrenia is antipsychotic medication.  These can reduce the positive symptoms of psychosis. Most antipsychotics take around 7–14 days to have their main effect. Currently available antipsychotics fail, however, to significantly ameliorate the negative symptoms, and the improvements on cognition may be attributed to the practice effect. On regards of the patient’s condition in Bali, most of them been chronically ill for many years with no medication. They left untreated by their families, communities and their own government. Only few of them can still survive with the increase cost of medication, while most of them were hide by the society.

“I felt moved to help the mental health condition in Bali after saw it in the internet”, said Dr Ashok Patel as one of 2500 psychiatrists in New Jersey, USA during his  special visit with the family to see Professor Luh Ketut Suryani. The medicines was collected from sample provided by pharmaceutical company and all of them are the newest drugs on the market. The medicines will be use in combination with individual therapy and family-based intervention.

“In one side I felt blessed that many people start to care with the condition in Bali, but in the other side I felt shamed to have a careless government”, said Suryani during the meeting at her headquater in Denpasar.