Australian Volunteers International take action for mental illness in Bali

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is committed to a vision of a peaceful and just world; a sustainable world, where all people have access to the resources they need, the opportunity to achieve their potential, the right to make decisions about the kind of development they want and to participate in the future of their own communities.  As the program is proudly support by AusAID for Australian volunteers who work in a development capacity overseas, the mentally ill people in Bali has bring their attention to take action.

“We got information from our trusted source that a high number of untreated mental health patient has made Professor Suryani to go to communities and provide direct services to the patients”, said John Hunt as Indonesia Country Manager for AVI during his quick visit to Professor Luh Ketut Suryani headquater in Denpasar.

At present Prof. Suryani’s  work is financially supported from her own private practice and local and international donors. “We need an international person to help build links with local and especially international organisations and to help raise funds, promote the service and its model within Indonesian and international context. Also someone to help develop the organisations administrate capacity to meet international best practice standards”, asked Prof Suryani during the meeting.