SHAT Transfered PASKIBRAKA Finding Identity

Paskibraka as the special force in flag rise ceremony is not only perform ceremonial flag raising but also how the young generation in the future run the next life better and more structured. Make what is held on August 17 as the Indonesian Independence Day as an important milestone, a milestone in moving forward, preparing to become the best sons and daughters. For this reason the committee use Professor Luh Ketut Suryani to transform 75 selected people in the force.

“Spiritual Hypnosis Assisted Therapy is the easiest method to transform the traumatic memory and give the people free from their burden in an instant way”, said Professor Suryani before she hypnotize the whole group.

“SHAT has been extensively and successfully used in clinical practice in Bali for over a decade now for a variety of mental disorders, emotional distress (specifically grief and bereavement), sexual, relational, and sexual orientation problems, and posttraumatic stress disorder”, add Professor Suryani after the program. She suggested to the participants that they should use the rest of the day to relax, go to bed early without watching TV, or otherwise avoid being busy with any personal activities, and the next day resume their activities as usual. Most participants tend to leave these sessions with a serene or happy mood.