Finding Identity for Parents with mental disability children’s

Hundreds parents of disabilities children attends the meeting to find self identity in the capital city of Gianyar as a preventative way to make parents understand better on their special children’s who’s suffering a mental disabilities. In the realities no data on the number of mental disabilities children has been acknowledge by Bali’s government as the children keep on suffering from their condition by being discriminate.

“Many parents blame them self of having a disabilities child in their family, and we want to make them see from a different point of view by re framing their childhood memories”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as she lead the program together with Yayasan Sukacita yesterday morning.

Many of mental disabilities children still hide in the community without any attention from community nor government. The parents have to raise their children without having any education. “There’s not enough school nor teachers for all the children if we want to put them in school, because the government doesn’t know how many are they and how many still don’t get education”, said Marieke Nijland, special education consultant ¬†from Yayasan Sukacita. For that reason Suryani Institute take an initiative together with Yayasan Sukacita to run a survey in community and find the unfortunate one and give them a hope for a better life.