Consciousness, Culture, and Community in Bali 2013

Thirteen students from  University of Vermont, USA flew to Bali to learn about Consciousness, Culture, and Community in Bali. The participants were graduate & undergraduate students, professionals, and other individuals interested in a transformative travel opportunity lead by David Osgood Ed.D, M.P.H, and Carla Osgood, EdD. The course provided opportunities to develop intercultural communication skills including cultural awareness, cultural adaptation, cultural empathy and non-evaluative listening. In addition students had opportunities to develop skills in the domain of consciousness or transcultural communication.

“Our students were honor to have the opportunity learning from a Balinese psychiatrist, healer, and activist, Prof. Luh Ketut Suryani with her rich experience combining both traditional and contemporary approaches to what she calls bio-psycho-spirit-socio-cultural well being”, said Dr Osgood during the time in Nirarta sanctuary.

UVM Bali 2013

UVM 2013

“I am happy that western people willing to learn about my culture, but in the same time I feel sad that my own people start to forget their own culture”, said Professor Suryani after share her wisdom and knowledge on spirituality. More and more western people come to Bali teach yoga and meditation as their business while the Balinese share their knowledge with heart without thinking any profit. Life is balance and harmony in Bali, but for how long this balance can still be in balance?