Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Asia has the largest population in the world, and the region is expected to continue developing both on an economic and academic level. In recent decades, there has been a considerable advancement in the study of schizophrenia,although there are still many aspects that have not been revealed.

Members of the Suryani Institute for Mental Health had the chance to present the clinical approach of Spiritual-Hypnosis Assisted Therapy (SHAT) in the 3rd Asian Congress on Schizophrenia Research (ACSR) join with the 2nd Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology National Symposium. This event were held on 14 – 16 February 2013 at Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Bali, Indonesia. This approach was developed by Professor Suryani had been successfully utilize in Bali for the past 10 years for the treatment of psychosis spectrum disorders. More specifically in this workshop will cover Epidemiological survey findings of schizophrenia prevalence in Bali, A culturally sensitive community based intervention for the treatment of schizophrenia, Introduction to the practice of Spiritual-Hypnosis Assisted Therapy (SHAT), and a demonstration of the approach.

ACSR 2013

(Left to Right): Dr Lesmana, Professor Suryani, Dr Basudewa, Dr Tiliopoulos

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