Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Suryani Institute for Mental Health

On the first dawn of 2009 I find myself having breakfast with Professor Luh Ketut Suryani, at her family compound in Denpasar, Bali. She has stayed up all night to welcome the new  sun through an impromptu group-meditation session at Sanur beach. Yet, unlike me, she is full of positive energy, with her 65 year-old-eyes radiating the morning’s tropical warmth, in majesty and elegance.

“I feel blessed!”, I finally gather the courage to admit to her. “I feel blessed, because yesterday night I witnessed the birth of a new religion.”

She smiles at me. The Professor – although a prolific writer, with over 100 articles and books under her pen – never talks a lot. Yet each word she summons comes straight from the spiritual kaleidoscope of her soul.

“I only ask them to follow their dreams.” she replies, and her words vibrate the coffee in my hands.
Follow their dreams… Follow their dreams…
Just like she had done; just like she always does.


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Posted by cokyaya On April - 21 - 2010 Mental Health Project News

After the Bali government cut the funding 90% for mental health project run by Suryani Institute many tears fall from the outsider.  The Stiftung Bredtmanns Spuren is one of Germany NGO that tried to help the funding. “As I read and watch the report, you have more financial problems now, because the government cut the funding. We tried to help you in the past and we will continue our help in the future” said Juergen Bredtmann on his visit to Bali this month. The help has brought confidence for Professor Suryani as the leader of the institute that God will give a way if we work by heart and for the people.


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Posted by cokyaya On April - 7 - 2010 Mental Health Project News

Besides his work as Layanan Hidup Bahagia’s volunteer, Komang Adi set his time to settle with his beloved partner Indra last Friday (2/4) in Karangasem. Marriage it self is an important aspect of Balinese society and governed strictly by the custom and religious rules. Marriage is important for Balinese since only married man has the full right and obligation to the society. Based on Balinese tradition the purpose of marriage is to give freedom and to set limit to the romance and sexual activities in the society which greatly affect the harmony of the society. As the member of Suryani Institute volunteer which most of his time was for the mentally ill patients, from this time Adi has to manage his time more wise for his new family.

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Posted by cokyaya On April - 4 - 2010 Mental Health Project News

Although the work of a small but dedicated team by Professor Luh Ketut Suryani has gain a recognition from outside Bali, but the Governor of Bali decided to cut the budget of mental health for the year 2010 due to unpleasant news about Suryani’s work from irresponsible people. The statement of sorry came out from Mangku Pastika, after Suryani showed the work that been showed by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia and won an award as the best story of the year 2009 by the United Nation Australia. “I have to cut your budget because some people said that you only teach people singing and having fun in the parlement house without do any treatment, I wish I could see this video earlier”, explain the governor in the special meeting with Suryani and her team (16/12).


“I am just worried that if there’s no more money to support the medication, most of the patients that has been normal will relaps in the matter of time”, said Suryani sadly. With this situation, there  will be little chance that more people can get access to the treatment and more people have to suffer with mental disorder in the island that washed with tourist dollars.

Posted by cokyaya On December - 25 - 2009 Crisis Center Mental Health Project News