Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Due to slashed budget of mental health by Bali’s governor had made Professor Suryani shock. She had to make a final call to the volunteer in east part of Bali. After managed to treat more than 300 patients in 2009, the services need to reschedule. “I have to inform the patients, families, village leaders and the doctors in the community that we have serious problems”, said Suryani in tears. She can not accept that the patients she has been treated has to face the same problem that they’ve been suffering for many years. “They were in cage, chained, put in wood stack and other restrained condition for many years, but last year they can feel the normal life”, add Dr Lesmana.

All the volunteer had tried their best to inform the people that the service they provided is facing a budget problem. Many of the patients can not say anything than accept to be put in chained again because they have no money to go to the government services. They can only pray and hope that the disorders will not relaps.


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Although the work of a small but dedicated team by Professor Luh Ketut Suryani has gain a recognition from outside Bali, but the Governor of Bali decided to cut the budget of mental health for the year 2010 due to unpleasant news about Suryani’s work from irresponsible people. The statement of sorry came out from Mangku Pastika, after Suryani showed the work that been showed by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia and won an award as the best story of the year 2009 by the United Nation Australia. “I have to cut your budget because some people said that you only teach people singing and having fun in the parlement house without do any treatment, I wish I could see this video earlier”, explain the governor in the special meeting with Suryani and her team (16/12).


“I am just worried that if there’s no more money to support the medication, most of the patients that has been normal will relaps in the matter of time”, said Suryani sadly. With this situation, there  will be little chance that more people can get access to the treatment and more people have to suffer with mental disorder in the island that washed with tourist dollars.

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In its 25th year, Dateline Video Journalist David O’Shea (pictured) won the Current Affairs Award for his story “Bali Shame”, an investigation into the treatment of psychiatric patients in Bali that done by small and dedicated team lead by Professor Luh Ketut Suryani.  The national Media Peace Awards program was established in 1979 to promote understanding and awareness in our society by recognising the media’s efforts in stimulating public debate about humanitarian and social justice issues. 


Director of News and Current Affairs, Paul Cutler, said, “SBS has continued to prove that we are not afraid to tell stories from around the world that other networks often disregard. Our news gives viewers an insight into important global issues and we are proud of the many accolades our journalists have received.”


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After being broadcast by Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia, the attention of mental health problems related to human degradation been wide spread. The Suryani Institute as the leading organization in Bali dealing with the problem had the chance to visit the headquarter and the team work in Sydney, Australia (11/24). Accompany by David O’Shea as the journalist that capture the tragic condition in the island that washed with tourists dollar but has no money to deal with the mental health issues, Professor Suryani and Dr Lesmana had the chance to meet and greet the team.

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