The Australian Federal Police collaborate for Sexual Offences Against Children

After a significant importance decision in Australia by passing amendments to the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Offences Against Children) Act 2010, instituting substantive law. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is keen to build and explore further collaboration between the AFP and Committee Against Sexual Abuse (CASA) in Bali. As the history shows one hundred and thirty Australians are among the 2360 suspects being hunted in what is believed to be the largest international pedophile ring in 2007.

“Ongoing collaboration is key between law enforcement and agencies such as yours, particularly regarding ‘on the ground’ issues within the region”, said Gary O’Neil as an AFP  senior liaison officer for serious & organized crime in Bali during his visit to CASA Headquarter.

“We feel sorry that these terrible crimes being committed against children coming into your country, and for that reason we would like to collaborate on and how we may fight against it together to bring these persons to justice”, add Garry full with spirit  to Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the President of CASA in fighting the crimes against children. Yet 150 pedophiles are estimated by the local Committee Against Sexual Abuse to be sexually exploiting children on the island. Increased cases of child sex tourism are attributed not just to poverty and bribery, but also to internet pedophile rings and weak local law enforcement.