The Australian Federal Police collaborate for Sexual Offences Against Children

After a significant importance decision in Australia by passing amendments to the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Offences Against Children) Act 2010, instituting substantive law. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is keen to build and explore further collaboration between the AFP and Committee Against Sexual Abuse (CASA) in Bali. As the history shows one hundred and thirty Australians are among the 2360 suspects being hunted in what is believed to be the largest international pedophile ring in 2007.

“Ongoing collaboration is key between law enforcement and agencies such as yours, particularly regarding ‘on the ground’ issues within the region”, said Gary O’Neil as an AFP  senior liaison officer for serious & organized crime in Bali during his visit to CASA Headquarter.

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CASA received The Body Shop and ECPAT Indonesia child trafficking campaign

One of the most intolerable forms of violence is one perpetrated against our children. The criminals who are involved in trafficking children for sexual purposes inflict extreme violations of physical and emotional abuse which jeopardize the lives of millions of our children in all countries of the world. The Body Shop and ECPAT International campaign is implemented with the firm belief that we can all make a difference in stopping trafficking of  children for sexual purposes.

“By joining efforts and reaching out, we can create a united front so that these serious violations against children’s lives and dignity will no longer be tolerated and children can live free from sexual exploitation”, said Christian Donny Putranto, S.H. as Program Manager – Counter Child Sex Trafficking ECPAT affiliate group Indonesia together with The Body Shop during the meeting with President CASA, Professor Luh Ketut Suryani in Denpasar.


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FBI loaded CASA with surveillance equipment’s

Child abuse, including sexual exploitation of children, is a problem reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. Many sociologists believe that the abused child often goes on to become a violent criminal, alcoholic, welfare case or even another child abuser such as pedophile. With the increase number of people using world wide web has create a new world for pedophilia to travel outside their nest and making a new nest in new places. This condition has concern the FBI to expand the network across the globe, including the paradise island, Bali.

“We feel the need to equipped the network in order to enhance the surveillance work as we now know that Bali still one of favorite destination for pedophile”, said  SSA David C. Smith during his second visit to CASA headquarter in Denpasar. As the news spread out about the warning of pedophilia act in the island, many people still think it is not a major concern for Bali’s government to protect their future children.


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24 Sarongs delivered from Croatia supporting Bali mental health

After watching the documentary on the French-German TV-channel “Arte” about how people with psychological problems on Bali are treated, has created a shocked for many foreign people deeply. They also noticed how spiritual the Balinese people are. Everywhere temples and offerings! But to them it seems the Balinese  find their gods more important then all the souls around them.

“I’ve been visiting Bali last year and then I was already shocked about the poor street dogs. I did some help at a dog shelter and sponsored an organization called BAWA. What I didn’t know that there were people on the island that were even worse off then those poor sick dogs”, said Lisette Sprengers as she trying to to get more donations via beside sending the 24 pieces of sarong from a project in Tunesia, where poor people get a change .

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