24 Sarongs delivered from Croatia supporting Bali mental health

After watching the documentary on the French-German TV-channel “Arte” about how people with psychological problems on Bali are treated, has created a shocked for many foreign people deeply. They also noticed how spiritual the Balinese people are. Everywhere temples and offerings! But to them it seems the Balinese  find their gods more important then all the souls around them.

“I’ve been visiting Bali last year and then I was already shocked about the poor street dogs. I did some help at a dog shelter and sponsored an organization called BAWA. What I didn’t know that there were people on the island that were even worse off then those poor sick dogs”, said Lisette Sprengers as she trying to to get more donations via voluteer.suryani.institute@gmial.com beside sending the 24 pieces of sarong from a project in Tunesia, where poor people get a change .

She also put 10 pearl bracelets in the package for sexual abused girls and women of CASA project. “Just a little present to shear them up after their traumatic experience. All these items are from my former shop. We had to close it down, because we were not making any money. That’s why I like to donate these items to mistreated people”, add Lisette in her email as she feel moved by the reality in Bali.