FBI strenghten the connection to CASA

After the last visit from FBI in January 2011, and continued with the meeting in Jakarta for joined the force in child protection has made a genesis attachment among CASA and FBI. With the fact that many of the perpetrators are allegedly linked to international pedophile rings who hunt for victims in Bali, the connection has bring a new hope for protecting the children in the island of God.  Bali has been identified as a new safe haven for pedophiles and there has been a growing number of independent and organized pedophiles traveling and living in Bali for the sole purpose of abusing children.

“The reason we come back to Bali is to keep the connection alive as what we did in Cambodia that our successful works were made through collaboration with the local NGO”, said David C. Smith as the  FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) during the meeting with Professor Luh Ketut Suryani in Bali.

“It is common knowledge that pictures of young Indonesian boys can be found posted on the internet. Despite the issuance of a child protection law, law enforcement remains weak in Indonesia”, says Professor Suryani as the FBI agreed to help equip CASA with surveillance equipment in order to make a better evidence. This connection will be a long term connection with the fact that there are likely thousands of foreign and Indonesian pedophiles in Bali yet the Balinese police on average arrest only one every three years.