Stenden University joined “Teach the teachers how to teach” program

Many people think Bali is a beautiful island with its rich traditions and authentic culture and concerned that the children’s education had been compromised. For that reason many NGOs tried to work in Bali and help the children without consider the local educational supports. In other way, it’s like creating a colonization area for people from outside despite their good will to help the children in the paradise island of Bali.

“The concept of Teach teacher how to teach is based on a thought that there are many people come to Bali and teach the children only and when they left no body continue the works”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani to  Marielle Pelleboer as one of the graduate students from Stenden University during their visit to the institute.

“So we want to create the program on the development and advancement of education for teachers. This is achieved by offering methodical and didactic workshops and seminars to teachers and educationalists in Government schools. Therefore ensuring that the population and government are made aware of the necessity of appropriate and suitable education for children in kindergarten and elementary school. Our starting point is an extention of the possiblilies and insights that already exist among the Balinese population”, explain Professor Suryani as the Stenden University agreed to implemented the program in their internship training for their students.