Insanity in The Island of God

Scores of women have invaded Bali after the movie eat pray and love (sex), looking to emulate Gilbert’s enlightenment. Their expressions are serene; their caftans, expensive. But their beatific dollars aren’t necessarily a good thing. Once the movie opens, this whole area has turned into a far-flung Magnolia Bakery line, with women typing frantically on their blackberries and snapping photos of menus and street signs as their bored boyfriends gaze off into the middle distance. The influx of 30- and 40-something women wearing caftans will ruin the area, making the place they like to party into one big estrogen-fueled.

Far from this euphoria of estrogen-fueled and influx of tourists, many Balinese still living for a water shortage and a possible drought. Many of them has to suffer from mental illness with no attention from neither government or the tourism industry that make the island of God unity with island of Hell. “Today, Bali is not only island of God but at the same time also the island of Hell because you can see at the same moment and place two different things happening, one praying and one stealing”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as she keeps regularly stumble across Bali hidden mental illness.

“While the Balinese busy to maintain the equilibrium of the island through elaborate ceremonies, people from outside busy to buy our land and build mega construction in our island”, add Professor Luh Ketut Suryani in despair. She has to fight using her own money healing many Balinese that suffer from mental illness. More than 300 people were shackle in wooden stock or chained by their families just to keep the environment peace and quite. No contribution ever make by the five star hotels and villas that build like a fungus in the rain in the island of God.