LCI and Indoexplore add pressure for Bali’s mental health change

LCI as one of French television channel works together with indoXPLORE an Indonesian television production company that provides full-scale production support to international broadcasters, documentary filmmakers and corporate clients in Indonesia and beyond tried to expose the mental health situation in the island of God. As the mental health situation in Bali is still unchange, the media pressure try to bring the difference.

“We feel the government act inhumane in this mental health situation by not providing any information and services to their people”, said Anne Delaistre after seeing the reality of inhumane condition of mental ill people in Bali. They were left without any treatment as the Bali’s government focus only on mental institution way of treatment. People that can not come to any health center never consider as patients and just abandon in community without any care.




“Let our visual makes the difference and spread the news to other if your government trying to play blind and deaf”, add Alex Ginting during his time capturing the darkside of Bali’s glamour tourism. The island has the most five stars hotel in the nation of Indonesia, but none of the hotel willing to set aside their profit for the people with mental disorder that left untreated in the community. “It’s a shame but that’s the reality that we face day to day”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani with her bitterness inside.