In search of different level of conciousness

First week of the year 2017 were colored by 12 young University of Vermont, US students and 2 faculty members who flew to Bali in search of consciousness, spirit, culture and community mental health. There is strong evidence that consciousness is a process that emerges in a highly interconnected network of neural cells, each of which is not a conscious entity.

“It will open a door toward new direction in our country to understand consciousness when we have the chance to explore and feel the real sense of it from Bali”, said David and Carla Osgood as the coordinator of the project. While Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the Director of SIMH has trying to provide the arena in search for new understanding of consciousness. Freed from a fragile and degradable body, human being still have an X factor that still untouchable by science. Indeed,  exploration of it try to make sure that it is used for human progress, not for catastrophic aims.


UVM 2017


UVM 2017 3


UVM 2017 2